The Best Text To Send if You Feel Someone is Ghosting You or Pulling a Fade Away

It sucks when someone we really like disappears, pulls back, fades away, and loses interest. But this happens all the time for one reason or another. It drives people crazy. There is one text you can send that will answer this question. That’s right one text. A lot of relationship coaches will tell you to send certain texts or pull back. They will give you all sorts of advice. But I believe in just asking point blank in this text.

“Are you blowing me off?” That is all you need to text. Be prepared though. Because if you don’t get an answer, which if they are blowing you off then you most likely won’t get an answer, then you have your answer. They are blowing you off. They just don’t want to tell you or say it. After that just let if go. Delete the number, texts, and move on.

If they are not blowing you off and they want to keep you around then you will know because they will say something. If they are blowing you off, you won’t get a response but you will still know because they didn’t care enough to keep you around to answer you. They just pulled the cowardly act of not telling you they just weren’t interested.

“You just became another ghost story I get to tell others about.”

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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