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Ways To Tell if Your New Online Prospect is Interested in You or Playing With You

So many of us fall in the trap of talking to someone for weeks or months to only find out in the end they were not interested in us or were not as interested as we were in them. It hurts when you begin to like someone over text and even meet them and faceContinue reading “Ways To Tell if Your New Online Prospect is Interested in You or Playing With You”

The Best Text To Send if You Feel Someone is Ghosting You or Pulling a Fade Away

It sucks when someone we really like disappears, pulls back, fades away, and loses interest. But this happens all the time for one reason or another. It drives people crazy. There is one text you can send that will answer this question. That’s right one text. A lot of relationship coaches will tell you toContinue reading “The Best Text To Send if You Feel Someone is Ghosting You or Pulling a Fade Away”

The Guy Who Pulls Away From You

I wish this was an easy answer or an easy fix. But there are guys for whatever reason will pull away when things are going great or even after a great first date and it baffles us. We try to understand why. We even text several times trying to figure it out. It kind ofContinue reading “The Guy Who Pulls Away From You”

Fifty Quotes Teaching You To Be Your True Self

Here is some encouragement to be your authentic self: 1. “There is no reason not to follow your heart.” – Steve Jobs 2. “Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.” – Will Durant 3. “Adversity has a way of introducing a man to himself.” – Shia LaBeoufContinue reading “Fifty Quotes Teaching You To Be Your True Self”

Change Your Mindset From Negative To Positive Thinking

Having a positive mindset is truly important when trying to accomplish anything. No one has ever gotten very far with a negative outlook. Here are few changes you can make to your thoughts or words: Instead of “I’m a mess!” >Try> “I’m human.” Instead of “I can’t do this.” >Try> “I can do hard things.”Continue reading “Change Your Mindset From Negative To Positive Thinking”

Three Exercises To Improve Self Esteem

Loving yourself is empowering your self-esteem. Many people do not know how to love themselves or even like themselves. But the truth is people do not become successful by hating themselves. They do it by believing in themselves. Here are three exercises that will help improve your self-esteem: Practice self awareness. Why are you reallyContinue reading “Three Exercises To Improve Self Esteem”

Self-Care Ideas To Turn A Bad Day Around

Everyone has bad days….A bad day can get better and even be turned into a good day. A little self love and self care can go a long way. Here are a few ways to turn a bad day around with a little self love: Practice affirmations. Detox bath or a spa like shower. AContinue reading “Self-Care Ideas To Turn A Bad Day Around”

Things You Should Never Do

Here is a list of a few things you should never do: Never let anyone get use to treating you poorly. Never ignore red flags in a relationship. Never allow anyone control over your life. Never forget to make yourself a priority. Never let temporary pleasure distract you from what is really important. Never trustContinue reading “Things You Should Never Do”

Ten Ways To Practice Loving Your Body

Ten Ways To Practice Loving Your Body: I wear clothes that fit. I walk or do yoga. I unfollow people that make me feel bad about myself. I listen to inspiring music. I take lots of selfies. I forgive myself when things don’t go as planned. I channel my inner beauty. I list all myContinue reading “Ten Ways To Practice Loving Your Body”

You Can’t Have A Relationship With Someone Who Is Married

You cannot be in a relationship with someone who is married. Many people believe the will leave the other person or if they stay around long enough the married person will choose them. The reality is you are the other person. You are not the most important person. I have a friend who is currentlyContinue reading “You Can’t Have A Relationship With Someone Who Is Married”