The Best Text To Send if You Feel Someone is Ghosting You or Pulling a Fade Away

It sucks when someone we really like disappears, pulls back, fades away, and loses interest. But this happens all the time for one reason or another. It drives people crazy. There is one text you can send that will answer this question. That’s right one text. A lot of relationship coaches will tell you toContinue reading “The Best Text To Send if You Feel Someone is Ghosting You or Pulling a Fade Away”

The Guy Who Pulls Away From You

I wish this was an easy answer or an easy fix. But there are guys for whatever reason will pull away when things are going great or even after a great first date and it baffles us. We try to understand why. We even text several times trying to figure it out. It kind ofContinue reading “The Guy Who Pulls Away From You”

Three Exercises To Improve Self Esteem

Loving yourself is empowering your self-esteem. Many people do not know how to love themselves or even like themselves. But the truth is people do not become successful by hating themselves. They do it by believing in themselves. Here are three exercises that will help improve your self-esteem: Practice self awareness. Why are you reallyContinue reading “Three Exercises To Improve Self Esteem”

Fourteen Ways To Date Yourself

Love yourself enough to take yourself out alone for a little you time. It is important to love yourself and even date yourself. You need to be able to go out an be comfortable in your own skin. You don’t always need someone else to go out. Here are fourteen fun ideas for self –Continue reading “Fourteen Ways To Date Yourself”

Ten Ways To Practice Loving Your Body

Ten Ways To Practice Loving Your Body: I wear clothes that fit. I walk or do yoga. I unfollow people that make me feel bad about myself. I listen to inspiring music. I take lots of selfies. I forgive myself when things don’t go as planned. I channel my inner beauty. I list all myContinue reading “Ten Ways To Practice Loving Your Body”

You Can’t Have A Relationship With Someone Who Is Married

You cannot be in a relationship with someone who is married. Many people believe the will leave the other person or if they stay around long enough the married person will choose them. The reality is you are the other person. You are not the most important person. I have a friend who is currentlyContinue reading “You Can’t Have A Relationship With Someone Who Is Married”

When He is Not Ready For a Relationship

Listen to this carefully!!!!! You could be drop dead gorgeous, be successful, be one of the best people in the world. But you will never be good enough for someone who is not ready for a relationship. This is the truth…..Nothing will change their mind. Some people just don’t want a relationship and it’s trueContinue reading “When He is Not Ready For a Relationship”

The Truth About Dating Someone Who Runs Hot and Cold

How to successfully date someone hot and cold? This is a simple answer!!! You can’t….Let me explain. You are with a guy, dating, talking, or whatever…He seems so warm and nurturing towards you. He is so in to you. You see this heading somewhere with a future. Then something happens. Perhaps something small or itContinue reading “The Truth About Dating Someone Who Runs Hot and Cold”

The Truth About No Contact

This is hurtful to say, but the truth about not contact is this…It is not a tool to get someone back. It us used to get over someone. Disappearing is not going to make someone who does not want to be with you, be with you. If they contact you it is because they areContinue reading “The Truth About No Contact”

People Who Get Mad and Stay Mad

There are things that people will do to you that would render you to not be able to have them in your life but then there are things that people do that make you mad that should be easier to forgive. However, some people get mad over forgivable things or fights that are not worthContinue reading “People Who Get Mad and Stay Mad”