Ways To Tell if Your New Online Prospect is Interested in You or Playing With You

So many of us fall in the trap of talking to someone for weeks or months to only find out in the end they were not interested in us or were not as interested as we were in them. It hurts when you begin to like someone over text and even meet them and face the disappointment that they were really not that into us. But it happens all to often. I wish people came with online dating warnings such as will string you along for bit then drop you like its hot. Unfortunately they don’t have these warnings.

Warnings to look for if they are not as interested:

  1. If you have been talking for a month but have not met in person and they haven’t tried making plans with you.
  2. You initiate most the conversations.
  3. You make most the plans.
  4. They cancel plans a lot.
  5. When you talk about what you are looking for they use words like hangout, friends, or not rushing anything.
  6. They can go a week or weeks without talking to you.
  7. They ignore you after dates.
  8. They have problems communicating anything to you.
  9. They start texting short texts to you.
  10. They don’t ask you questions about yourself.
  11. They add lots of girls to their social media.
  12. They won’t add you to social media.

These are just a few things to look for to know if they are interested in you at all. If you have noticed these things then they are not really that into you. They are just playing with you. Its times to move on.

Sadly this is so common and many people online are not looking for relationships. They are just looking for hookups and the ability to get benefits without a relationship.

You can not make someone who is not interested, interested.

“You can be perfect, drop dead gorgeous, and wonderful but you will never be a good enough woman for a man who is not ready to commit.” – Unknown

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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