The One Date Wonder – When He Disappears After a Great Date

You meet up with this great guy. You have a wonderful time. You feel the connection and get the vibe he must be feeling it to. You guys laugh and seem to be having a blast. You talk about doing this again. You might even kiss or hug or something. In your mind it was a fantastic date. You might even see this turning into more dates…. Then you never hear from him again. Does this sound familiar? This is more common then you think.

This has happened to lots of women. This has happened to beautiful, smart, and wonderful women. Do not get down on yourself or start feeling bad. Don’t start doubting yourself of questioning yourself.

First you must understand that texting is not the same as dating. This is hard for some of us because we can really like someone we are getting to know over text but you can’t really get to know someone until you meet them face to face. Guys only see meeting up a couple of times as only meeting up a couple of times. In their minds they really owe you nothing because it is not a relationship.

I know it makes no sense for a guy to act like he’s having a blast and even talk about another date when he has no intention of seeing you again. It drives all us women crazy. We just don’t get it!!!

The truth is guys could disappear for a number of reasons and many have nothing to do with us. Even though we might want answers or closure the truth is sometimes we don’t get a why. Nothing will change the situation anyway. When it comes down to it we will still be disappointed regardless of the answers we get. Many times the answers we get are not always the truth anyway.

Sending them several texts will not give you the answers you want. Finding them online will not give you the answers you want. Confronting them will not give you the answers you want. If someone ignores you then the best thing you can do it to leave them alone because it is very obvious they do not want to talk to you or they would. Silence is your answer.

Why do guys ignore or go silent? There are many reasons for this. Some guys avoid telling you the truth because in their mind they are avoiding drama. Some guys like games. Some guys are jerks. Some guys are trying to spare your feelings and trying not to make themselves feel bad by hurting your feelings. Even though going completely silent is the cowards way our, for many guys it is the easier way to handle things.

People say ghosting is becoming more and more common like it is a new trend but the truth is that guys have been pulling the disappearing act for a long time. The only difference is now it is more noticeable and has become more of a trend with online dating becoming the dating norm for most people. It is easier to stop talking to people online by just stopping talking to that person or disappear after meeting them.

The best thing to do when you are in these situations is nothing at all. Keep your dignity. This person doesn’t value you enough to maintain contact or give you a response the best thing you can do for yourself is move on. Respect yourself enough to know you deserve better and not to want that person in your life anyway.

“No response is a response.” – Anonymous

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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