Are You Dating A Control Freak?

I have dated, talked to, and married control freaks. That is one relationship that is so miserable. No one is happy with a control freak. A control freak is all about themselves and what affects them and how they feel…..They don’t really care about how other people feel.

I had a husband who would control what I ate, control access to the food, where I went, my friends, my clothes, my makeup, and everything else. He would even go as far as to make me use the bathroom in front of him because he knew I hated it. He had to control everything to the point I didn’t know who I was anymore. It didn’t last.

The guy I recently talked to was also a control freak. He bragged about making girls wait three months for sex and having them get tested before he would sleep with them. I am all for sex standards but for him it was more than that when he talked about it. It was more of having power over it. Then when he got mad at me over something small he blew it up. Then he had to micromanage my conversation with him. He turned it into more than it should be. It was if he was making me jump thru hoops or prove myself. He was on a mega power trip. He someone who has to micromanage a relationship and everything that leads up to it. He soon went from someone I liked talking to into someone who made me miserable.

It is almost impossible to exists in any relationship with a control freak.

Here is a few signs you are dating a control freak:

  1. Chronic criticism – You can’t do anything right. They make you feel like everything you do is wrong.
  2. Making you doubt yourself – Nothing you do is ever good enough.
  3. Threats – Little or big. Such as I will block you, I’ll never talk to you again, and so on.
  4. Spying or demanding constant disclosure – You can’t have any privacy at all. They must know everything including passwords and having access to your phone.
  5. Isolating you from friends or family.
  6. Not respecting your time alone.
  7. Overactive jealousy. Overactive anything really.
  8. Making love conditional – You would be perfect or prettier if….
  9. You’re guilty until proven otherwise – When they get mad your never right….Something small will get built into something huge. It will never matter what you do after that.
  10. Making you feel unworthy of him – Like you are lucky to even be with him.
  11. Sexual interactions that feel upsetting afterward – Making you feel like their is something wrong with you.

If you are in a relationship with a control freak or talking to a control freak the only way out is to get out. These people don’t change who they are but the longer you stay with them, they make you question who you are and your self worth. You deserve better than this. Love your way out.

“But Rose learned an important lesson: people don’t always do what you tell them to do.” –  Eleanor Brown

Published by Coach Jeanie

Self Love and Self Care Life Coach Odessa, Texas

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